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The District of Columbia’s first brewery, Andrew Wales Brewery, came about in 1770. However, Cornelius Coningham started the first modern day brewery in 1796 just south of the White House. Sadly, Coningham’s brewery closed its doors in 1810.

The two main breweries that really started the brewing movement in the District if Columbia were the Robert Portner Brewing Company (1869), which has since been named Tivoli Brewing, and the Christian Heurich Brewing Company (1895). Of course Prohibition led to the shut down of all breweries, except for them, who managed to survive as an ice business. Seeing as they are not around today, they eventually had to close up shop in 1956, due to the take over by big name brewing companies.

As for craft brewing in Washington D.C., the pioneer of this movement was Capital City Brewing Company, who opened up shop in 1992. They have since moved to Virginia, but still paved the way for all other craft brewers in the District of Columbia. While in Washington D.C. they earned more GABF (Great American Beer Festival) awards than any other District of Columbia brewery!

With so many incredible Washington D.C. craft breweries, we have found that some of the best District of Columbia beers come from:

• Bluejacket
• Right Proper Brewing
• 3 Stars Brewing
• Hellbender Brewing Company
• Atlas Brew Works
• DC Brau
• Red Bear Brewing Company
• Denizens Brewing Company
• Capitol City Brewing Company.

Sadly, we have yet to have featured any of the incredible beers the District of Columbia has to offer. However, we are always on the lookout for new District of Columbia craft beer and breweries to add to our craft beer of the month club shipments, and hope to have one or more in the near future. Cheers!