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Early on, brewing beer was done in homes for personal consumption and special events. The first Canadian brewer there are records of was Jesuit Brother Ambroise, who started in 1646.

In 1688, Canada’s first commercial brewery was opened. It was opened by Jean Talon, who hoped to reduce people’s reliance on brandy, and hopefully turn them on to something new, beer.

In 1786, John Molson started Molson Brewery, his first brewery, which still remains today as Canada’s oldest brewery. However, Canada’s oldest independent brewery, which still exists today, is Moosehead Breweries Limited. The independent brewery was founded in 1867, by the Oland family, and located in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Before WWI, Canada had over 100 independent breweries, but by the time the 1980s rolled around, there were only 10 brewing companies left. Of these 10, 3 of them owned over 96% of the market. These three breweries were: Molson, Labatt, and Carling O’Keefe.

Today, Canada has one of the worlds largest beer brand and style selections. As of 2019, there was said to be nearly 1000 Canadian breweries and 7000 domestic beer brands.

With so many incredible breweries in Canada, we have found that it is easier to divide them up by the locations: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, and Calgary.

First, we will start with some of the incredible breweries in Toronto Canada, which are:

• Great Lakes Brewing
• Shacklands Brewing
• Bellwoods Brewery
• Left Field Brewery
• Junction Craft Brewery
• Bandit Brewery
• Blood Brothers Brewing
• Black Lab Brewing
• Halo Brewery
• High Park Brewery

Next, we have a list of some of the best breweries in Niagara Falls Canada, which includes:

• Counterpart Brewing
• Silversmith Brewing Company
• Blackburn Brew House
• Niagara Brew Club
• Lock Street Brewing Company
• Cold Break Brewing
• Pressure Drop Brewing
• Brimstone Brewing Company
• Backyard Brewing Company

Moving on we have the magnificent breweries in Vancouver Canada, which are:

• Storm Brewing LTD.
• Brassneck Brewery
• Slow Hand Beer Company
• Boombox Brewing Company
• Terminal City Brewing
• Parallel 49 Brewing Company
• Bomber Brewing
• Postmark Brewing
• Off the Rail Brewing
• Luppolo Brewing Company
• Strange Fellows Brewing
• Faculty Brewing Company.

Last but not least, we have a list of some of the brilliant breweries in Calgary Canada, which includes:

• Hard Knox Brewery
• Good Mood Brewery
• Banded Peak Brewing
• Village Brewery
• Heathen’s Brewing Inc.
• Bow River Brewing
• Common Crown Brewing Company
• Pedal Pub Calgary
• Two Pillars Brewery
• Citizen Brewing Company
• Railyard Brewing
• Inner City Brewing
• Cabin Brewing Company.

With a list this extensive, we know there is some amazing craft beer in Canada, but one beer has stood out the most amongst Canadians. The most popular beer in Canada is the pale lager, which is sometimes referred to as the North American Style Lager. To be even more specific as to which Pale Lager is most favored, the answer is Budweiser.

We have had the pleasure of featuring some of the best beer in Canada from one of the best craft breweries in Canada, Central City Brewers & Distillers. Although we have featured craft beer from Canada, unfortunately we cannot ship to Canada. However, we are always looking for new Canadian craft beer and breweries to add to our monthly craft beer club shipments, and hope to have more in the near future. Cheers!

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