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Yellowhammer State

We have featured a number of craft beers from Alabama in our Craft Beer of the Month Club, which include some from Straight to Ale Brewery located in Madison and in Huntsville.

Huntsville is home to Alabama’s first brewery, Badlun Brothers, which opened in 1819 by James and William Badlun. 1819 Huntsville also happens to be the year and location of the first convention held to draw up a constitution for the new state of Alabama…coincidence? Beer culture thrived in Alabama until the early 1900’s when, sadly, the Prohibition hit. After repealing the 18th Amendment in 1933, breweries had a steep uphill battle to get back on their feet which lasted into the 1990’s. The Brewpub Act of 1992 finally gave brewmasters the permission to craft their beers in state. However, tight restrictions were put in place including one that stated any new brewpubs opening could only be located in historic brewpub locations from before the Prohibition. Home brewing was still considered illegal at this time.

The Alabama Brewers Guild began in 2009 to promote the “favorable legal and market environment for the craft brewing industry in Alabama.” In 2009 they started off with roughly 30 breweries registered. Today, the state has 113 craft breweries registered and there are bound to be more popping up. The craft brew movement in Alabama is thought to have been jump-started with the help of a grassroots organization called “Free the Hops” (FTH) that strives to reform Alabama beer laws, bring specialty beers to the state and promote a more beer-friendly culture. The Alabama Right to Brew is a group similar to FTH but they aimed their efforts directly on the right to home brew and were successful in 2013, making Alabama the 49th state to legalize home brewing!

Although there are still strict regulations on brewing beer in Alabama, the state continues to produce a wide range of beer styles. In addition to the expansion of breweries and efforts to alter restrictions, The Alabama Brewers Guild has selected breweries across the state to help with a 3-year long party celebrating the 200th anniversary of the day Alabama became a state! Starting in March, 2017 and lasting until December 2019, a series of bicentennial beers will be released honoring the state’s five capitals and chances are we will be featuring these in our monthly beer club. Enjoy!

Below is a map of where Straight to Ale Brewery is located in Huntsville and Blue Pants Brewery in Madison, Alabama.