Frequently Asked Questions


If the option selected at checkout is “ASAP”, we strive to have the first delivery arrive within 10-15 business days (M-F), so long as there aren’t any issues with the payment or delivery address.

If you choose a specific month as the "start month", the purchase will be charged to your credit card during the first week of the desired start month, and will arrive within 10-15 business days thereafter.

All subsequent craft beer shipments in a gift series will be processed in the middle of the month and will go out for delivery the final two weeks of each month, depending on your location relative to our shipping facility. Shipments can arrive as early as the 16th, and as late as the 30th. We do not guarantee specific delivery days of the week, calender dates, or charge dates. We do try to process your order and time your deliveries to arrive around the same time of the month.
YES! Since you are receiving alcohol, our Craft Beer Club shipments require an adult signature at delivery by persons 21+ years old. We suggest shipping to a work address or to a residence where an adult is usually present to sign for the delivery. Shipments are typically delivered M-F, 8am-5pm (during working hours).

We send tracking numbers to the email address listed in your account record. It is also helpful to provide a phone number in case the carrier has trouble finding an address. Gift Givers always receive the initial tracking information. Gift Recipients will not get the first shipment's tracking information so as not to spoil the surprise. We recommend providing the Recipient's email so they can receive tracking information for any subsequent shipments. You can add the recipient email address by logging into your account or calling our customer service representatives at 1-800-200-2959.

The delivery company will make three delivery attempts in total, leaving a door tag/ postcard each time the attempt is missed. With that information the recipient can reach out to the carrier and either reschedule delivery or arrange a pick up depending on which options are available in their area.

If a shipment is returned to us, a reshipping charge may apply.
If you purchased a gift announcement card to be mailed directly to your recipient (versus inside the shipping box with the craft beer), the card will be printed out at our facility within 24 hours and sent out via the US Postal Service from our office in Santa Barbara, California. If purchased on a Friday, the card will be printed out the following Monday. Cards should be received within 2-7 days, depending on the speed of the USPS and the location of the recipient. Alternatively, you have the option to download a FREE customized Gift Announcement Card from our website. In any case, there will be a sentence on the delivery company shipping label that reads, "A Gift from [your name here]".
The great part about joining our club is that we pick the best beer, so you don't have to. We do, however, have the ability to customize certain memberships. You may request to exclude a specific beer style only if you sign up for an ongoing membership with no predetermined end date. In any month we are featuring the beer you wish not to receive, you will not receive a shipment for that particular month. Your Craft Beer Club shipments will resume in a subsequent month when your beer exclusion is not part of the regular craft beer package. Please keep in mind that as a beer-of-the-month club you will receive a diversity of beer styles from small breweries around the country. Each craft brewery has their own unique style-within-a-style. For instance, an IPA from a brewery in MA will most likely taste different from an IPA made by a brewery in CA. So we encourage you to be adventurous and try out some of those beer styles you don’t normally gravitate to -- you might be surprised to find how much you like them! Please call us at 1-800-200-2959 to request a beer style exclusion.
The credit card(s) you have on file can be found in the Credit Cards section of the Members area. Once there you can select the card that you wish to update by clicking on it. If you are only updating the Expire Date, simply click on "Update Expiration". If you are changing to a brand new card or number, click on "Change Card" and simply enter the new information and submit.
Simply put, cans are a superior container. Craft breweries across the nation are producing more award-winning craft beer packaged in cans than ever before. Aluminum cans are on the rise in the craft beer movement because they are more durable for shipping, airtight, and lightproof. Sunlight can infiltrate glass bottles, which can leave beer tasting skunky. Air can also creep into bottles through the underside of the metal bottle tops, allowing oxygen to permeate the beer and change the flavor.

Craft beers in cans are more eco-friendly and are allowed in many places where glass is prohibited, like beaches, lakes, parks, and even sporting venues and concerts. At the Original Craft Beer Club, we fully support the vision of each craft brewery that we work with and in doing so, our craft beer shipments will feature cans 3x per year.
We do understand. If for whatever reason you would like to strictly receive bottles (or receive only cans!), you won’t hurt our feelings. We respect your preference. Just give us a call or send us an email, and we will add a note to your account specifying if you prefer to only receive your craft beer in bottles or cans. If you choose only bottles as an ongoing member we will skip the months when cans are featured. Ongoing members with a cans-only preference will ship quarterly.
If a Beer Club shipment has returned to our facilities, please give us a call at 1-800-200-2959.

Provided we have contact information for the recipient of the craft beer shipment, our customer service team will attempt to reach out to the recipient in order to have the package reshipped. If we do not hear back from the recipient, gift giver, or gift recipient with a better address or alternative shipping option, the account will be put on hold until we are contacted in order to avoid further returned beer club shipments.

More than one returned Craft Beer Club shipment is subject to an additional charge equal to the return shipping fee imposed by the returning carrier.
There could be!

Beer includes common ingredients such as Wheat, Sorghum, Malted Barley or other grains, Hops, Yeast and possibly even some colorings, added preservatives and/or flavorings. Additionally, many craft breweries create their own recipes with added ingredients to make their brews stand out. These additions could include, but are not limited to: coffee, peanuts or other nuts, peanut butter, chocolate, fruits, chilies, vanilla, almonds, coconuts, and/or spices. This is not a complete list of ingredients or allergens that may be found in any of the craft beers we feature. It is important to read the beer label and tasting notes about each beer you consume. If there is any doubt or confusion about an ingredient, it is best to withhold from drinking that craft beer until your questions or concerns have been addressed.