At Craft Beer Club - IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BEER

Craft Breweries are small, independent and traditional. Craft beer brewmasters produce beer the way it is supposed to be—in small batches, using traditional ingredients and time-honored brewing methods. It's all about creating a flavorful, high-quality beer very different than the mass-produced, high-profile versions. Craft Beer Club's specialty is discovering the best beers these highly skilled craft brewers have to offer. We do the research, so you don't have to.

Not all craft brews are good by definition. A big beer company with a talented brewmaster and quality ingredients can produce an excellent beer, just as an unskilled small craft brewer can produce an uninteresting or even flawed beer. The only way to know this is to taste it! Craft Beer Club buyers sample hundreds of beers each year to bring you only the best.

Many brewers, many styles. From Ambers to IPA’s, Porter’s to Stouts and many more, Craft Beer Club is a perfect way to discover the many styles of craft beers produced in this country. In fact, America has more craft breweries than any other country on the planet. As recently as the 1970s there were only 50 breweries in the U.S.. By the mid-1990s more than 1,000 breweries had emerged onto the scene. And today that number has exploded to over 1,600 craft breweries and brew pubs!